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Who We Are

The Firm specializes in complex business structures, commercial litigation and arbitration. We also specialize in family law matters, especially those involving complex business structures. Our background as commercial litigators gives us a unique edge in handling divorces and family matters involving complex business structures and transactions. Our goal in all matters is to achieve our clients’ objectives in the most cost effective, responsive, and ethical manner as possible. We provide pragmatic solutions for our clients’ legal needs. Using this approach, we have achieved success for our clients in cases on the cutting edge of the law.

The Firm represents clients in all phases of litigation before federal and state courts at the trial and appellate levels across North America. Our clients include international trading and transportations companies, oil and gas producers, international entertainers, and regional health care institutions.

We are located in Houston, Texas, the heart of the energy industry. Our offices are in the Galleria area.

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Michael D. Sydow

Managing Partner

Michael D. Sydow has wide experience in organization and financing. He has structured financing and acquisitions for clients in a number of industries, including transportation, communications, health care, energy, and entertainment.

Kristen S. Coleman

Managing Partner

Kristen Sydow Coleman was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, where her parents lived while her father worked in the United States Navy General Counsel's Office. They moved her back to Texas at 6 months of age, and she has lived in Texas ever since.

M. David Sydow

Managing Partner

Mr. Sydow was born in Houston, Texas. His family first came to Texas in 1840. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University as a University Scholar with emphasis on psychology, ancient Greek philosophy, and Roman history.