International Law

International Law

Not many people will have to deal with international law, but when they do, the process is complicated. Major corporations are typically the only parties that get involved with international law, but some areas of family law such as divorce and adoption may involve international law issues.

International law encompasses many areas such as intellectual property, family law and international trade. If you have a legal issue that involves the jurisdiction of international law, you should contact an experienced attorney.

Attorney for International Law in Houston, TX

If you are dealing with litigation involving international law, you will need the guidance of an experienced international lawyer from [firm]. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for your situation.

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Overview of International Law in Houston, TX
• International Law Disputes
• International Treaties
• International Law vs. Municipal Law

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International Law Disputes

In some legal cases, the laws in more than one country can apply to a case. In these instances, the court where the case is filed will have to determine which laws will be applied in adjudicating the case. This analysis can be very complex, and an experienced international law attorney will need to advocate to have the right law applied in your case. These disputes can encompass just about every aspect of litigation from family law to international trade.

Some of the most common international law disputes that [firm] handles include the following:

Divorce: Different countries have different laws and protocol regarding divorce. Because of this, international divorce poses unique challenges such as property division, especially when the property is in another country, child custody issues involving numerous governments and relocating children across borders.

Construction: Because United States businesses construct developments in countries around the globe, they still have to abide by the laws in those countries. International construction law can include litigation/arbitration and construction contracts.

Trade: International trade law includes the rules and customs that are used between countries in the transferring of goods. This can also include assisting companies on the rules of international treaties, securing proper licenses, and representing companies before bodies such as the International Trade Commission.

Intellectual Property: This can include global patent searches, obtaining trademark protection outside of the United States and renewing trademark registration abroad.

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International Treaties

Treaties are agreements under international law that are entered into by countries, and they govern a wide range of topics such as trade, copyright and environmental issues. Not every treaty The United States signs may be enforced against its citizens. A court may have to decide if a treaty is self-executing and therefore enforceable. This is a complicated analysis to make. The United States is a part of hundreds of international treaties, but most important ones and how they apply to international law include the following:

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): This treaty involves trade with Canada and Mexico. The agreement establishes procedures to resolve trade disputes between the countries. For example, chapter 52 protects businesses from unfair trade practices. The NAFTA Secretariat facilitates informal resolutions between parties, and if this doesn’t work, they will establish a panel to review the dispute.

Berne Convention: The international agreement governs copyright laws. It requires all nations involved to treat copyrighted works of authors from other countries in the convention. For example, Mexico copyright law applies to anything published or performed in Spanish, regardless where it was originally created.

Hague Adoption Convention: This international agreement deals with international adoption. The Convention provides a formal international and intergovernmental recognition of intercountry adoption to make sure that adoptions are recognized in the adoptive parent’s country.

Hague Maintenance Convention: This Convention deals with child support and other forms of family maintenance. The multilateral treaty governs the enforcement of judicial decisions regarding child support extraterritoriality.

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International Law vs. Municipal Law

International law and municipal U.S law are both laws, but were both designed for different purposes. For example, international laws act as guidelines for stable and organized international relations between countries, while municipal law applies only to U.S citizens.

International Law includes basic concepts of law in the national legal system that include:
• Economic law
• Securities law
• Environmental law
• Human Rights law
• Diplomatic law

International law is typically a part of United States law, but only for the application of its guidelines on questions dealing with international duties and rights. Such laws do not restrict the U.S or any other nation from establishing laws that govern their territory. This type of law is considered as a weak law in comparison to municipal law.

Municipal laws, on the other hand, are laws that are specific to states that regulate the conduct of citizens and handle relationships between individuals and the states. These laws are more closely followed and enforced. These laws can cover a wide range of issues including everything from education policy, policy power and property taxes.

Again, if there is a conflict between an international law and a domestic law, the court will have to make a determination as to which law should be applied for a particular instance or even whether the dispute should be adjudicated by another court all together.

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Additional Resources for International Law in Houston, TX

North American Free Trade Agreement– Learn more about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The Office of the United States Trade Representative provides a full history of the agreement and what it does. The USTR is responsible for developing and coordinating the country’s international trade.

Understanding the Hague Convention– Visit the U.S Department of State’s travel website to learn more about the Hague Convention. The department offers a brief history of the convention and what needs to be done if you plan to adopt a child from a country that acknowledges the agreement.

International Lawyer in Houston, TX

If you are dealing with litigation that falls under international law, you should contact [firm]. We have proven experience with international law, and we will fight to protect your rights and make sure the best possible outcome is achieved for your situation.

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